Specialized 1:1 Business Meeting Program is available for all overseas buyers at
JIPREMIUM. Buyers are paired with exhibitors based on buyers’ stated interests.

The Business Matching Program is an easy and highly relevant way to connect with the local
market based on the companies’ specific needs.

Only qualified applicants who meet the profile of JIPREMIUM buyer can participate in this
program. For qualified overseas buyers, special benefits will be provided as below:

  • 2 nights complimentary accommodation at a designated hotel
  • Interpreter services

    * Interpreter services must be requested in advance

  • Access to Buyer’s Lounge (complimentary high-speed internet, refreshments, official directory)

      STEP 1

      Exhibitor / Buyer Registration


      STEP 2

      Closing of Registration


      STEP 3

      Arrangement of Business Meetings


      STEP 4

      Final Meeting Schedule Confirmed


      STEP 5

      Opening of the Business Matching Program

All biz-matching meetings will be on a one-to-one basis. Each meeting will run for 40 minutes
with a 20 minute break in between each meeting. There are about 8 meetings that will be arranged for each
buyer per day.

To participate in the Biz-Matching program, please fill out the form below and submit it via
fax or email. Our staff members will match you with appropriate exhibitors based on your interests and
stated time frame. Your biz-matching schedule will be sent to you in advance before the opening of the show.
The Business Matching Program Application Form is due by Friday, 30, September, 2022


  • For all inquiries relating to Business Matching Program, please contact the Secretariat:

  • JIPREMIUM Secretariat

  • +82-2-6000-8127 / 8125
  • +82-2-6944-8302