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    A R & G Co., Ltd.

    High product quality, customer satisfaction, unlimited trust -Provide excellent effects due to combination of ingredients that are differentiated from other companies. -Realize customer satisfaction by providing skin stability and excellent effect through identified customer demands and consistent To Be A Lady Aloe Pearl Collagen Whitening Cream (5mL x 25Ea) ● Instant whitening effect ● With immediate absorption, the foreskin layer is soft without stickiness. The inner layer of the dermis is moist. ● Four effects on the skin _ ① Whitening effect / ② Calming effect / ③ Moisturizing effect / ④ Pigmentation reduction effect NESAY Homme All-In-One Mist 200mL ● EASY , Instant Mist Spray Method ● FAST , 3 second skin care with one spray_Saver of your precious time. ● PERFECT . 3 in 1 (Toner/Lotion/Essence) _Quick and complete skin care. NESAY Homme All-In-One Lotion 100mL ● 5 second skin care. ● 5 in 1 product (toner/lotion/cream/essence/eye cream). ● Irritated skin care_Dual care with natural ingredients and functional ingredients notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

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    A-Cosmetic Corporation

    A Cosmetic has been established in 2008. We have been steadily growing sales by specializing in luxury brand import perfumes and fashion retail / distribution. Since 2016, A Cosmetics has started to build various cosmetic lines by launching its own brand based on various experiences and skills. Deepair microneedle wrinkle improving patch Patented technology, transdermal drug delivery technology by Deepair microneedle. Contrains wrinkle improvement indegrent 'AOP (24%)' Perfectly removes eye and neck wrinkle. With wrinkle-improving effect. It restores firmness and elasticity to the skin. In ensires safety, "Passeed cosmetic toxicity safety test and cytotoxicity test". Deepair microneedle anti-freckle and spot patch Essntial, natural indegrent with microneedle technology patentded, Improving freckle and spot on face with safe and clean indigrents, proven technology and productino line specialized in microneedle products. Deepair microneedle concentration patch USed only natural and organic components, improving cencentration efficiently, it is highly specilized to improve concentration for student, pro-gamer, and etc.,.

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    Our company started with the philosophy of 'production of honest products for a healthy family and environment' we are responsible direct manufacturing and distribution rather than OEM or ODM and selling eco-friendly and less irritating detergents for the body. mothers can choose with confidence. BEBEBUBBLE The Origin Baby detergent does not wash well Baby detergent must be mild in ingredients, so surfactants should not be used. Baby detergent is expensive It is made by generously blending carefully selected raw materials without succumbing to such preconceived notions. It is a product that is faithful to clean washing and rinsing, which are the basics of laundry. So that my daughter who is still young can use it with confidence Completed after efforts for a convincing product It means the first product of A1 Industry. It is a representative product named The Origin. Skin hypoallergenic certification, biodegradability over 99%, unrivaled rinsing properties Made using only safe ingredients of EWG All Green grade It is a baby laundry detergent with excellent cleaning power.

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    Abismo Health Care Co.,Ltd

    From morning till night, we study day and night to develop everyday food. From variety of health supplements for our body's cycle to regular food supplies for our daily meals. We continue to grow with natural ingredients and Korean science technology with limitless potential. Abismo Daily Promise “Abismo Daily Promise” is an immune functionated antioxidant product, which mix chemically 15 effective ingrediencies such as Otacosanol, Oxidize Zinc, Evening Primrose Extract, Horse Placenta (Hydrolysis and extract Peptide), Tomato Extract, Milk Thistle Extract Power of the Horse Placenta Peptide / Higher the level of immunity / Solid antioxidant / Higher the stamina good overcoming fatigue / Anti-wrinkle, Anti-aging of skin / Improve the menopause and the PMS

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    Agricultural company corporation Dokdo trade Co.,Ltd

    Dokdo Trading Co., Ltd., an agricultural company, produces only the best products every year, considering the health of the people with strict hygiene management and craftsmanship, from washing, pickles, and packaging when leaves are tender. Allium Victorialis Linne Myeong-yi Allium Victorialis Linne Myeong-yi is fresh and tasty when they are mixed with the proper ratio of soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and water and then ripped. You can enjoy sweeter and sourer taste when you eat them along with tuna, sashimi, pork, beef, eels etc.

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    Agricultural Corporation GAGOPA HEALING FOOD Co.,Ltd.

    Gagopa Healing Food Co.,Ltd. is a company that has been manufacturing Korean-style ingredients and herbal tea based on the national wild grass. The smile of nature's promise "Healing N Farm“ This is our slogan that can pave the way for changes our future. Convenient product of Samgyetang Ingredient: Mulberry 33%, Kalopanax 27%, Acanthopanax 22%, Raisin Tree 11%, Astragalus Root 5%, Korea Angelica 2% Effect: Korean ate primarily Samgyetang to maintain the healty body from old times. Samgyetang ingredient consists of various traditional hebs and you can cook samgyetang easily at home. Usage: Boil the tea bag with water of 3 liter & chicken 1.5kg. Do not open the tea-bag. Especially if you insert the glutinous rice (sticky rice), garlic and ginseng, you can make more delicious and healthful diet. ShineMuscat/Pineapple Elastin Collagen Jelly ▶ The special texture and taste of the chewy jelly type are excellent. ▶Contains Shine Muscat,Pineapple Mixed Concentrate ▶ Compact size with a simple jelly-type stick ▶ Contains elastic support and elastin ▶ Easy to enjoy anytime, anywhere with room temperature storage ▶It contains 36mg of polygamma glutamic acid, which is known to help promote calcium absorption in the body. Fermented Black Deodeok & Pear Juice/Fermented Black Deodeok Essence Fermented Black Deodeok & Pear Juice: We put korean pears, bellflower roots, and fermented deodeok in one package. The korean deodeok is carefully fermented and extracted with korean pears and bellflower roots, dried ginger, and It has a deep taste and aroma. Compared to not fermented deodeok, fermented black deodeok has a higher nutritional content, which increases the absorption rate in the body. Fermented with a strong scent of good deodeok, it is more rich in fiber and saponin based on its recipe. Fermented Black Deodeok Essence: High-quality deodeok is carefully fermented and put in one package with fresh pears and bellflower roots. Compared to not fermented deodeok, fermented deodeok is easier to absorb into the body and fermented deodeoks are high in antioxidant polyphenol and flavonoid. Based on our recipe, it is rich in fiber and saponin and has a deep taste and aroma.

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    Airapha strives to improve the value of life for more consumers in more regions and has management goals that provide the best quality and value to improve the technology and products of all consumers worldwide for today and the next generation. AIRAPHA ECO SPRAY *Spray With 0.03mm ultra-fine fog, a wide range, both fast and uniform spray. *Spray can continuously sprayed for 3 to 5 seconds without gas in jection. *When using a 360 degree rotation there is no droplet formation or dripping at the hole. HIMITSU STEAMER Himitsu Steamer is the overwhelming No. 1 premium steamer in the beauty industry. It has the following characteristics. 1.The advantages of modern design and compact size:Its neat design goes well with any interior, and its small size makes it easy to move the machine around.2. Easy to use in all kinds of modes: Various treatments such as treatment, perm, and color are modelled to make it easy to select treatments. 3. Hair cleanning: When using the product, the steam in the product will cause the cuticle to open automatically. And It penetrates into the inside of the hair to remove dandruff bacteria and dead skin cells from the scalp. Thermal Dual Hair Treatment Essence Airapha Thermal Dual Hair Treatment Essence is the industry's first oil fog spray perfume essence, a patented technology from France that boasts fine spraying power with just one pump, and is easy to use because it is designed to spray directly on your hair rather than on your hands.

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    ALBATRO was founded in 2016 and specializes in exporting sunglasses and glasses frame. We have been constantly striving to improve exports by participating in many overseas exhibitions. As a result, we have found many foreign buyers and have successfully signed several export contracts. Sunglasses 1. Anti-glare sunglasses - Provides clear vision by preventing glare and reduces eye fatigue. 2. Night vision sunglasses The visibility is bright at night, so it is convenient for night driving. 3. Tint lens sunglasses - The lens color is not too dark and the eyes are transparent, so it can be worn indoors. - Various pastel-toned colors are added to create a unique styling. Glasses Frame ALBATRO's eyeglasses frame is a product offers eye comfort, excellent fit and stylish design that keeps up with the global fashion trend. The material of the frame is divided into plastic and metal. Various choices are available according to the customer's taste.

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    ALL DAY TEA Inc.

    Under the motto of "bliss, tasty and simple Tea," alldaytea is developing tea directly in areas centered on raw materials such as import, manufacture, and processing, consulting and training throughout the tea business, and expanding further to customer-centered areas. Threeminutes Punching Tea 10TB Simple, Tasty, Bliss No manual needed, it only takes 3 minutes! All the teas of threeminutes go through the tasting time of the tea master who has studied only tea for 15 years. It has been completed so that anyone can enjoy it easily and deliciously. Are you ready to enjoy the taste and aroma of 3 minutes, a delicious cup that can be completed in just 3 minutes? Threeminutes Tea-Bible 30TB Simple, Tasty, Bliss No manual needed, it only takes 3 minutes! All the teas of threeminutes go through the tasting time of the tea master who has studied only tea for 15 years. It has been completed so that anyone can enjoy it easily and deliciously. Are you ready to enjoy the taste and aroma of 3 minutes, a delicious cup that can be completed in just 3 minutes? Threeminutes To-Go Tea Simple, Tasty, Bliss No manual needed, it only takes 3 minutes! All the teas of threeminutes go through the tasting time of the tea master who has studied only tea for 15 years. It has been completed so that anyone can enjoy it easily and deliciously. Are you ready to enjoy the taste and aroma of 3 minutes, a delicious cup that can be completed in just 3 minutes?

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    Leader of the coating industry. We, AMTE, are researching, developing, and producing various functional films and functional coating materials and related component materials for display, electronic coating materials for electronic industries, and thermal barrier coating materials. Paint Protection Film (자동차 도장 보호 필름) The PPF film is a thermoplastic urethane film (vehicle paint protection film) to protect the surface of the vehicle, and is highly flexible and contractile, making it applicable to the entire body of the vehicle. Even one Constructability can maintain the transparency and gloss of the car surface for a long time. In addition, it is a protective film for the vehicle 's entire body that can effectively protect against scratches and stone chips. Pressure measurement film (압력측정필름) Pressure measurement film allows you to measure and visually observe pressure and pressure distribution. Anti-fog film (김서림 방지 필름) It prevents misting on surfaces such as glasses, bathroom mirrors, car glass, and goggles used in everyday life.

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    Anda tenang, Hippih menopang!

    Moinee specializes in development of waterproof cushions made of EVA material. Hippih, the world's first cushion for bathroom sink and European bidet provides extra comfort for all generations. Hippih Bathroom Cushion Hippih adalah bantalan lembut yang melapisi permukaan wastafel Anda yang keras dan dingin. Hippih mudah diletakkan tempatkan di atas wastafel kamar mandi, Anda bisa membersihkan pantat bayi, tangan/kaki serta mulut yang lengket dengan mudah dan higienis. Fitur 1. Fungsi Serbaguna 2. Ukuran Universal 3. Fleksibel Sempurna 4. Nyaman & 100% tahan air 5. Ekonomis & Ramah lingkungan 6. Manfaat Ganda

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    Aram Books is a company that makes books that will be songs for dancing children and books that will be children's dreams and happiness. Since its establishment in 2007, it has 3,000 contents and operates 200 offline stores and franchises in Korea. Baby All English Your child's first English picture book - 45 volumes. (Picture books for infants and toddlers who are learning English for the first time) Feature Grow up with a warm-hearted sensibility! Attachment English Step into daily life! Empathy English Speak out while singling! Musical English Play with from A to Z! Play English Fall in with all of the operations books! 5 senses English Science commando Learn the concepts of science by becoming a commando body , animal and plant , life and environment , IT and tech The fun of expanding scientific curiosity and understanding science. The fun of experinecing and playing with scientific concepts The fun of discovering scientific phenomena in life Science song animation Baby poo picture book Poo picture book with 7 concepts Number, comparision , shape , animal, color, space Building positive characteristics in everyday lives Fun up Good defecation A lively song

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    Starting as a built-in home appliance company in 2004, it introduced a new modern built-in product and introduced an electric laundry drying rack for the first time, making it a leading company in the domestic market with a convenient space to washbasin. Eleva Com A stylish, modern electric height-adjustable sink that allows you to adjust the height through a simple touch button. It is designed and built to provide more convenience by adjusting the height in consideration of the various shinte conditions of the sink user.

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    ASIABNC Co., Ltd.

    We, ASIABNC Co., Ltd, As a professional trading company also hidden champion company that exports Korean cosmetics mainly to Asian markets such as China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia, it is a guide and partner to help domestic small and medium-sized brands grow into global brands. rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint Product description: - Lips glowing naturally - Colors inspired by seasonal fruits - Wide range of colors for all skin tones - Hydrating and comfortable on lip - Same color stain as first applied How to use: - Apply the product starting from the inside of your lips - Spread out the color as much as you want - Slightly blend the color for stronger and faster glow rom&nd Dewy.Ful Water Tint Product description: - Pure and clear glossy lip tint - Wide spectrum of colors for both warm and cool skin tones - Soft and even application with even stain - Extra light watery texture without oiliness How to use: - Apply the product starting from the inside of your lips - Spread out the color as much as you want - Leave for a few seconds for glow to show up rom&nd NU ZERO CUSHION Product description: - Lightweight "0 gram" texture - Long and bright skin tone lasting for all day long - High coverage, covers pores, pigmentations and uneven skin tone - Comes with light to darker shade gradation How to use: - Apply moderate amount of product on the cushion puff - Distribute the foundation on puff to wide areas of face (cheeks, forehead, chin, etc.) - Spread out the foundation using the puff for even skin finish

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    Through continuous research and effort, Authentique's mission is to bring the advanced treatments available in professional aesthetic shops and clinics into your everyday. For you, Authentique presents more effective and innovative beauty solutions by truly valuing both your skin and your time. Authentique Wrinkle Repair Lifting Eye Cream with Galvanic Rejuvenator Wrinkle Repair Lifting Eye Cream with Galvanic Rejuvenator “High-efficiency, cost-effective home esthetic solution for you” No matter how expensive and effective the formula is if it only stays on the skin surface, one’s skin will never improve dramatically. For more effective wrinkle improvement and long-lasting moist and firm skin, active ingredients need to penetrate deep into the dermis layer. ☑ Jewel-like facial beauty device with 2-in-1 massage effects of galvanic iontophoresis & fine vibration delivers active ingredients deep into the skin ☑ Based on plant stem cell cultures extract and the most prestigious active ingredients including Hyaluronic complex, anti-aging peptides, Prebiotics, White truffle, and more. ☑ Formulated and manufactured by Intercos Group Korea facility, the world’s most renowned luxury cosmetics production and R&D institution. ☑ Dermatologically tested, delicately improves wrinkles and elasticity without skin irritation.